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Our highly trained tow techs have the capability of providing you with extraordinary towing service. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide roadside assistance as well.

Sometimes the unexpected happens with your vehicle, leaving you in a difficult situation. At Winston-Salem Towing, we aim to give you top-quality non-emergency and emergency towing and roadside assistance services.

We cater to your roadside assistance and towing requests, ensuring you receive the attention and care you deserve.

We have the equipment such as flatbed to give you a tow that will transport your vehicle without damaging it. We also offer medium-duty and light-duty equipment hauling services. If you are in need of towing for any shape or size of a vehicle, call us today.

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24 Hour Towing

Our state of mind has always been to offer cheap 24-hour towing in Winston-Salem, NC.

With us, there aren’t any hidden fees like other Winston-Salem, NC towing companies. The flat rates that you hear from our dispatch crew will also be the final cost that you asked to pay at the end of your service.

We don’t doubt that with our service abilities and skills you will be satisfied with us. Call us first when you need a tow.

Dead Battery Jumps

We made sure to fill our tow trucks with all the possible equipment our customers requesting roadside assistance may need. We promise that within a short timeframe you will be back on the road again.

There are numerous reasons why this may occur. It could be because you forgot to turn your vehicle lights off or your car’s starter refuses to act right.

Whatever the reason, you can always depend on our team to aid you.


Vehicle Lockouts

Getting locked out of the car is just a normal part of owning a vehicle. It may not always happen, however, it helps to have a trusting professional you can depend on anytime.

Our crew is always ready to help you in any way we can. With us, you get not only a trustworthy roadside assistance provider but also one that promises to deliver only the most first-rate service possible at a fair price.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

We frequently serve drivers in Winston-Salem with an emergency and non-emergency a comprehensive roadside assistance service. Our 24-hour roadside assistance service is efficient and swift. If your tire is flat and you can’t get off the road because of congestion, pull over and let us do the rest.

We hire only friendly, capable tow technicians and drivers who will have you up and running or will safely tow you to the nearest auto shop.

Winch-Out Services

If your vehicle is stuck so deep in the mud that there’s no way you can get it out, you need winch out service.

Our drivers possess the experience and equipment to pull you out with no damage to your vehicle.

You don’t want just anyone winching your car. You can have peace of mind knowing our guys will do the task correctly. We believe in a job well done, and we’re enthusiastic about delivering unparalleled service.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

We all know how hazardous it can be when you’re on the side of the road with a flat tire waiting for assistance while other cars are flying past you at over 55.

Don’t attempt to change it yourself unless you have plenty of extra space on the shoulder. ​Being on the side of the road for any reason can be very deadly.

This is where we come in. Contact us to get your tire fixed safely.

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